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Student Drivers Must Take a VIC Learner’s Practice Test to Get Moving


Learner’s practice tests are available online and are free, so there is no reason for aspiring drivers to skip them.


New driver’s license applicants in Victoria, Australia must take a practice test to secure their learner’s permits. Members of the Victorian State Government have made this important change to reduce the number of accidents involving new drivers on public roads.

The official date of the introduction of these tests was August 1, 2009. The tests are available online, and they can be taken in 14 different languages, including English. According to the applicable rules for learners’ permits, a new driver in Victoria must have at least 12 hours of driving practice with an experienced, qualified driver.

For those studying for their learner’s permit (if you’re not sure how to take your learner’s permit practice test, you should read this article), the hours of driving practice must include at least 50 minutes of night driving.

If drivers are under 25 years old, they have to abide by a special set of rules: these people must carry their learner’s permit with them when they drive, and they have to limit their speed to 80 km/h (50 mph) – unless they are driving at night when the speed limit is 90 km/h.

After drivers in Victoria have taken a practice test and received their learner’s permit, they will have 12 months to complete their 50 hours of practice before applying for a full driver’s license.

Victoria’s beginner driver’s license is valid for only two years, and no extensions are possible. After that, a new driver will have to start all over again and take another practice test.

People from 18 to 25 years old are not allowed to use any mobile or electronic devices while driving, except for cell phones in Bluetooth mode. Drivers older than 26 can only use hands-free devices when they drive. In addition, these people may only use cell phones when stopped and parked.

The safest drivers in Victoria are people over 65 years old – they have an 85% rate of safe driving, which is one of the best on record. Unfortunately, elderly citizens are often victims of car accidents because of failing health or inability to see properly. The State Government has recently decided to supply elderly citizens with a special badge, which will entitle them to unlimited parking in public parking lots.

Aspiring drivers have nothing to lose if they take the VIC learners practice test because they’re free and can be taken as many times as possible.  In some cases, young drivers don’t know how to drive, and they have to spend hundreds of dollars taking driving lessons. That’s money they could have saved by taking a free online learner’s practice test for their driver’s license.

The VIC learners practice test is essentially a preparation for the upcoming challenges, including a series of theory and practical driving tests that new drivers must pass to get a licence.