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How to Properly Maintain Artificial Grass Brisbane

How to Properly Maintain Artificial Grass Brisbane

Maintaining artificial grass doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task.

Artificial grass lawns are a popular alternative to natural turf because they require significantly less maintenance. But that doesn’t mean you can neglect your yard completely. To ensure an artificial turf lasts its expected lifespan, there is some care involved with maintaining it properly. 

It’s why artificial grass Brisbane wants property owners to take a closer look at what homeowners should do for their fake grass while still getting professional results without all of the work.

Artificial grass can be expensive, but it’s still cost-effective as long as you maintain its appearance. For those who have switched to artificial turf to save time and water on their lawn care routine, the reality is that your artificial turf will need some maintenance work from time to time, too! Luckily enough, though, this task isn’t arduous at all – especially if you do a little research beforehand, so there are no surprises when it comes down to taking action.

If switching over from natural green space has provided more benefits than just saving money, then maintaining an attractive look for itself should also factor into considerations. Fortunately, such upkeep doesn’t come with any complications either: simply by doing a bit of reading up beforehand.

An artificial lawn won’t suffer from the same issues that natural grass does, but it may face other types of wear and tear in high traffic areas. Artificial turf also doesn’t need to be watered or fertilized as often, so this can benefit busy homeowners who don’t have much time on their hands.

Caring for artificial turf is a job that never stops. Even after careful day-to-day management to keep your lawn looking good, there are inevitable spills and stains which need proper stain removal, or they will destroy the quality of your grass’ appearance.

Cleaning up an artificial grass Brisbane area can be challenging work if you don’t know what kind of materials you’ll find on it. The list includes children’s crumbs from their sandwiches, pet hair running rampant in all directions, oil leaks from constantly moving cars parked nearby: these things happen with regularity.

The best way to ensure that a spill won’t leave behind an unfortunate long-lasting stain is by quickly blotting up the spilled liquid with a towel or absorbing it with some kitty litter. Using basic household detergent will not harm your precious clothing fibres and eliminate most stains in just one rinse! 

If you need something more substantial for tough spots on clothes like oil spills, use ammonia diluted in water instead of regular detergent — this is more effective at breaking down oily substances than regular cleaner. However, never mix ammonia with bleach because it can create toxic fumes when combined. 

A recent study has found a new way to remove stubborn stains from your backyard. Substances like motor oil, grease, pen ink, cooking oil and crayon can end up on your turf — but they don’t respond as well as other more common substances when it comes to removal.

The best solution for these types of grime is mineral spirits, often the most effective tool in removing them! Similar to regular household cleaners or ammonia-based solutions mentioned earlier: gently rinse the area first and blot off excess liquid before applying cleaner liberally over stained surface.