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Experts Talk About the Reasons Why NetWrap silage wrap is Perfect for Hay Production


Silage wrap makes a case for the most practical material for hay production

Net wrap is the ideal material to use when hauling hay because it offers excellent durability and weights that are easy to manage. Because of this, more and more producers are choosing this material over traditional twine or baler wraps. Recently, industry experts sat down to discuss why net wrap is perfect for hay production.

Net Wrap Reduces Risk of Injury

When hauling baled hay, producers often have to deal with the risks of being so close to heavy machinery. If they are not careful, accidents can happen, and injuries could be sustained. However, with net wrap, these risks are reduced.

“Hauling baled hay with baler wrap is dangerous, mainly because the baler is so close to the load,” shares Mike Wright, a livestock farm owner. “Net wrap eliminates this problem; it’s easy to handle and protects your product.”

Net Wrap is Easy to Handle

Hay producers who have been using baler wraps know that they can be challenging to handle. Indeed, when bundles of hay are wrapped with twine or baler wrap, they often become heavy and unwieldy; this is why net wrap is an ideal alternative.

“Baler wraps add another ten pounds to the load,” continues Wright. “That’s just one more thing you have to deal with when delivering hay. With a net wrap, you don’t have to worry about that.”

Net Wrap is Lightweight

Since NetWrap silage wrap is lightweight, it makes transporting bales of hay very easy. As a result, the risk of back problems among producers decreases significantly. If either the producer or their employees are hauling hay, they can do so in a healthy way without damaging their bodies.

“Baler wraps add an extra 20 to 30 pounds of weight,” notes Katy Jankowski, who is the owner of her livestock farm. “Since net wrap weighs much less than that, it enables you to haul hay more easily.”

Net Wrap is Economical

Hay producers have found other advantages to using net wrap compared to other types of material. For instance, it is economical since it lasts longer than other materials.

“Net wrap saves me money by lasting longer,” says Wright. “All I have to do is move it from one load to another when delivering hay. So it saves me a lot of time and helps me save money as well.”

Net Wrap is Environmentally Friendly

While other types of wraps – such as baler wrap – can take decades to decompose, the net wrap does not hold onto contaminants. As a result, it does not contaminate the land and cause problems with the environment.

“Net wrap is environmentally safe because it does not hold onto contaminants as other materials do,” shares Jankowski. “It decomposes easily.”

Net Wrap Provides Excellent Protection

Producers who deliver hay regularly know that their product must always be protected. Until recently, there was no material available that offered strong protection; however, that has changed with the introduction of NetWrap silage wrap.

“Net wrap is strong enough to protect your hay, even when it’s down on the ground or out in high winds,” concludes Wright. “This ensures that you remain fully confident in your materials.”