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This photo of Dany and Jon is hiding a sneaky clue about their romantic connection on ‘Game of Thrones’

I can’t fight this feeling anymore .

Image: hbo

Everything about Game of Thrones is meticulously planned from the record-breaking stunts to the visual symmetry and that extends to the show’s dress, which can do everything from hinting at a character’s mental state to signaling a potential new romantic connection.

Sure, we may be reading too much into this, but we can’t be the only ones who noticed that Daenerys is rocking a new look that seems decidedly Stark( or Snow ) in the new photos for episode 5 of Season 7.

It’s a subtle change, but check out what Dany was wearing in episode 4, before she set off to flamb some Lannisters 😛 TAGEND

Nothing to see here.

Image: hbo

Now compare it to her ensemble in “Eastwatch” 😛 TAGEND

Hot under the collar, much?

Image: hbo

Same grey coloring palette, same snazzy dragon chain, but what have we here? A fur-lined collar and sleeves practically matching Jon’s own wolfskin cloak.

Of course, there’s obviously a more mundane reason for Dany’s wardrobe refresh winter is here, and if Northern-born Jon’s wrapped up warm, we’re guessing even a hot-blooded Dragon Queen must be feeling the chill.

But this is Game of Thrones , dammit, and no change is too small especially when we know that Dany and Jon were MFEO; George R. R. Martin didn’t call his book series A Song of Ice and Fire for nothing, right?

( Sidenote: She was actually wearing this ensemble during her “Loot Train Attack” on the Lannister forces in episode 4, which seems super impractical, considering that toasting soldiers probably works up a sweat so we take this as further evidence that the costume change is for symbolic reasons more than winter practicality .)

Matt Shakman, who directed episodes 4 and 5 , noted that their intimate scene in the dragonglass cave marked a turning point for Jon and Dany’s relationship during an interview with Mashable : “I think it follows on the lovely scene that Mark Mylod did in the previous episode when they meet for the first time, which is very formal. And they’re surrounded by their attendants and people are speaking on their behalf for them. And there’s a tremendous distance between them, ” he said.

“And now this is for the first time we consider them alone with no one else around and Jon is able to present some proof of what he’s been talking about. And it’s quite a magical, intimate moment for them as they sort of appraise one another. And Daenerys begins to believe what Jon is talking about and yet she’s still trying to work on her own political agenda, which is to shore up support and allies as she’s lost so many in the previous episode.

“So you have that sort of political dialogue happening at the same time as you have this personal one, which is two people who are starting to begin to respect each other more and get to know each other more. And clearly there’s some chemistry happening there. And so that was the goal of that scene and I think the two of them were just absolutely lovely in it. When Emilia takes those first little steps forward towards Kit, it’s full of charge and interest and potential. And I think that’s what they needed to do and they did it beautifully.”

Here’s hoping that episode 5 will feature a further progression in their relationship sure, they’re secretly associated, but if the demonstrate wants us to ship it, who are we to argue? \ _() _/

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