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The Most Amazing Science Facts That Can Easily Be Mistaken For Science Fiction

Science is a wonderful gift for us, over the past five hundred years reasons and tools are used as a tool to explain our physical world and make use of science to make some amazing inventions. Some of these inventions and theories are so fantastic that you may be forgiven when you think you have already seen in through science fiction movies. Here is the short list of most amazing and true scientific facts that anyone can easily mistaken it for being a science fiction.

1) You Can Fly on Titan With a Set of Wings Attached to Your Arms

Titan is a moon orbiting our ringed neighbor planet Saturn, in fact it’s Saturn’s largest moon and scientists have paid close attention to it since it’s the only other body known to us to contain a dense atmosphere and stable bodies of liquid on its surface. It is one of the few planets that is up for serious consideration for Human colonization when we finally start to colonize other planets in the future.

2) It is Entirely Possible For The Woman or Man of Your Dreams to Just Pop Into Existence Out of Thin Air

Quantum mechanics is an incredibly complicated field of physics, it deals with the fundamental laws and deals with the very small such as interactions between fundamental particles.It is theorize that anything can randomly come together to create something and yes it could well be the partner of your dreams, the only thing is that it may take a while.

3) Warp Drive Has Already Been Discovered….Sort Of

Most of us have watched Star Trek and in every episode we see Captain Kirk ordering his helmsman Sulu to go to warp speed, the way the Enterprise breaks the light speed barrier and achieves interstellar travel. All we are waiting for today is a brilliant engineer to design an engine capable of Alcubierre’s equations and an incredible energy source to power our star ship.

4) We Have Built Intelligent Robotic Animals

Robots are nothing new, a lot of people even have toy robots in their home and we see many on the television everyday, whether it be in a documentary or on the news. Many of these robots such as military drones, and this robot can also keep itself from falling over as well, with no Human intervention, making it useful for rugged terrains. The “Cheetah” robot can run up to 28 miles per hour.

5) Exoskeletons Have Already Been Invented

Exoskeletons are quite popular today in sci fi, having made huge impacts in films like Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow and being a major part of the gameplay tagline “Power changes everything” in the blockbuster video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. There are also multiple civilian exoskeletons that help people with movement problems by assisting them with weight and mobility whilst remaining under the wearers own control.

6) We Have Made Artificial Meat

You read it right we have made completely lab grown meat using stem cells from a cow and cooked the world’s first 100% artificial burger without having to slaughter a cow for the meat. This incredible feat was made by scientists in the Netherlands where using stems cells from a Cow, stripping them to make a patty. The burger was eaten in London in 2013. One food expert said it was ” close to meat, but not that juicy” and another said it tasted like a real burger.


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