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One Bicycle can make your brain confused!

How bikers will react to this customized bike made by welders to make a joke on engineers who built it , the group developed a bike that worked like any other bicycle, except for one minor alteration: when the rider turns to the right, the wheel turns to the left, and vice versa. Not expecting this to create much of a difference in their ability to ride the bike, the engineers found themselves baffled not only by how difficult it was but by the fact that the modification seemed virtually impossible to overcome.

This simple joke rippled into a full-out study featured on the awesome YouTube channel. The story is incredible and the reasoning behind it is pretty cool to hear, I encourage you to check out the full details in this video:

After watching this video you will learn that welders are often smarter than engineers, and that knowledge does not equal understanding. most important part of it is that truth is truth.


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