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Mind-blowing facts about this alien-looking creature (Octopus)


With their eight arms and giant egg-shaped head, octopuses are one of the most alien-looking creatures on the planet.

Here are some of the amazing facts from the book “Octopus!” Katherine Harmon Courage.
1.)Over 95% of all animals on Earth are invertebrates. The octopus is the smartest of them all and has approximately 300 million neurons throughout its body. That’s not much compared to the 100 billion in humans, but it’s a giant leap from the 16 million in frogs.

2.)Octopuses are solitary creatures who spend most of their lives swimming alone, even when it comes time to mate.

3.)A male will sometimes send a gift along with his package — one of his eight arms, which he severs himself.

4.)When they do bleed, octopuses bleed blue blood, not red. That’s because their blood is high in copper instead of iron.

5.)Octopuses will sometimes deliberately sever an arm to distract a predator long enough to jet away at top speeds of 25 mph.

6.)And sometimes their hearts will skip a beat. In a 1970s experiment, a male octopus’s main heart actually skipped a few beats when a potential female mate was introduced into its tank.

7.)But walking is slow and makes the octopus vulnerable to predators. As a result, some octopuses carry protection with them. Here, an octopus is transporting two empty coconut halves it can hide inside of if necessary.

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