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Flat-Earther Is Shut Down By Astronaut On Cringeworthy Live TV Debate

You would think that in this day and age, those crazy flat-Earthers would have all long given up trying to convince us the world was anything other than round. Thanks to modern technology, there really is no doubt we live on a globe.

However, flat-Earthers are still going strong and recently held a conference in North Carolina that drew hundreds of people. At $149 per person, participants got to discuss what they call “science lies” and advocate for a flat-Earth hypothesi to be taught in schools. One participant, Mark Sargent, who has over 40,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss his flat-Earth notions and recent evidence which he believes supports his claims. Sargent believes that Earth is shaped like a disc and that a large Antarctic ice wall keeps people on it. He claims that NASA employees actually guard the top of the wall so people don’t climb over and fall off. This begs the question, where are the people that have supposedly tried to climb into space? According to Sargent, the Earth is a kind of flat soundstage, and the “globe theory” was introduced as a method to keep the public from finding out they live on a manufactured airplane. This is because the government, including NASA, doesn’t want anyone to find out who constructed this “stage”. Astronaut Commander, Terry Virts, has orbited the Earth and has spent over 200 days onboard the International Space Station. He has confirmed that the Earth is most definitely round. Virts, who is promoting a new book of space photography, presented Sargent with several photos clearly showing that the Earth is indeed round, but Sargent refused to acknowledge them, claiming they have all been doctored. Sargent said simple modern technology has proven flat-Earthers to be correct. He claims that all one has to do is take a camera with a high-powered zoom to the beach to see that the Earth is flat. “I think the Earth is flat- go to the beach with a high-powered HD camera and look off into the distance, ” he said. “Ten, fifteen years ago, you could see ships go off into the horizon.” “Now you can bring them back into frame, all you need to do is crank up the zoom. Technology has changed everything. We’re talking about all the world is a stage. We’re basically living on a big soundstage and nobody figured it out until 1956. ” Virts laughed off Sargent’s’ evidence’, and their conversation was cringeworthy. Sargent had clearly been proven wrong but refused to change his views, saying that NASA employees were all complicit in keeping the flat-Earth secret. So who do you believe? Some random guy who doesn’t believe in modern scientific evidence or an actual astronaut who has find Earth from space with his own two eyes? I don’t know about you, but my money is on the cosmonaut. If you can’t get enough of these crazy flat-Earthers and want to know more about their society, check out the video below. Yes, they do indeed have their own society where they discuss such things as how the sunshine moves sideways and that their notion that gravity doesn’t truly exist. Severely. Devote it a watch, you won’t be disappointed!

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